Corydalis Yanhusuo – Fumewort

Corydalis Yanhusuo Description Latin name: Corydalis yanhusuo English name: fumewort Chinese name: yanhusuo Ayurveda name: Japanese name: Engosaku German name: Lärchenspornwurzelstock Parts used: Root Latin Medicinal name: Rhizoma Corydalis Yanhusuo Geography It is produced mainly in Zhejiang province, collected in summer. It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other members of the Corydalis spieces are, […]


Crocus sativus

Description: Family:  Iridaceae Latin name: Crocus sativus Latin medicinal name: Stigma Croci English Names: Saffron Greek Names: Κρόκος, Σαφράν Chinese Names: fan hong hua (Tibetan red flower) Ayurveda Names: Kumkuma The name Saffron refers to the stigmata of the flower of the plant Crocus sativus. It is a sterile triploid plant that is propagated with corms. […]