Lathyrus tuberosus

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Lathyrus tuberosus – tuber source

Family: Fabaceae
Latin name: Lathyrus tuberosus
English name: Earthnut pea, Aardaker, Fyfield pea, Tine-tare
Chinese name: –
Ayurveda name:
Unani name:
Greek name:
Japanese name:
Korean name:

Parts used: Roots

It is considered a noxious weed in Canada and the U.S.A. It has been ocassionaly cultivated for its tuber. It is not considered a productive plant although it is a nitrogen fixer with many relatives in the family used for the purpose.

The flavor of the tuber is considered pleasant by many. It has a nutty flavor and a crispy texture. While it can be eaten raw it is usually cooked.



In Europe and Western Asia. It is kept in gardens in Finland and has been an emergency food in Scotland in times of famine.


Nutritionally the plant has great value as a source of potassium. According to a study conducted by scientists of the Atatürk University, the edible parts are the leaves and shoots, and  it contains 1544.38 mg/100g of fresh weight of leaves. [1]


Although other members of the family are said to be toxic due to Lathyrin this does not seem to be the case for Lathyrus tuberosus.



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